The Angkor Temples, a place of myth and legend

There can be few more instantly recognisable places in the world than the Temples of Angkor. Here, more than a thousand different religious buildings cover an area the size of more than a hundred and fifty square miles, so on your Avventura Travels tour you’ll quickly...

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Hanoi, city of beauty, history and culture

It is fitting that your Avventura tour of Hanoi should be taken in the seat of an open-top Jeep as used by the Soviet and Vietnamese armies of the 1950s and 60s. The city’s inhabitants have seen Mongol, Khmer, Japanese, French and American troops marching through its...

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Barranquilla Carnival – the party of your life

Carnaval de Barranquilla is second only to the event in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil but for many people it is the truly authentic people’s carnival. The slogan for this four day festival is “quien lo vive, es quien lo goza” which means “those who live it are those who...

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Gino Gonzalez and Arenal – One man and his volcano

The Arenal volcano lies about ninety kilometers (fifty-six miles) northwest of Costa Rica’s capital, San José in Alajuela province. It stands an imposing 1,633 metres (5,358 ft) high and has a cone-shaped crater which is 140 metres (460 feet) across. Compared to some...

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Rosario Islands underwater paradise

A short boat ride from the bustle of Cartagena the Rosario Islands are self-contained jewels of natural beauty in a gentle turquoise sea. This archipelago of twenty-seven islands on Colombia’s Caribbean coast are designated as their own national park and one which is...

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Meet the inhabitants of Seal Island

Seal Island couldn’t really have ever been called anything else. A remarkable 64,000 Cape fur seals cram onto this tiny rock which is marginally bigger than three football pitches. The island sits three and a half miles north of False Bay, near Cape Town. A solid lump...

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Cosmopolitan Bogotá

Just north of the equator on a high plateau surrounded by the Andes, the Colombian capital of Bogotá is home to nine million people - about the same as London. No Colombia trip would be complete without exploring this Cosmopolitan, relaxed and Bohemian city. When you...

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