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There are few countries that can offer so much for the visitor as Morocco. This ancient kingdom is just a three and a half-hour flight from the UK and the contrast couldn’t be greater. Snow-capped mountains, desert landscapes and colourful cities are just some of its many attractions

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American Novelist, Edith Wharton wrote “to visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.”
Explore the ‘red city’ of Marrakech and the ‘blue pearl’ of Chefchaouen where your senses will be overloaded as you explore the ancient medinas. Watch artisans ply their trades as they have done for centuries and haggle for a bargain with the friendly stall holders. Lose yourself in the narrow alleyways where colourful spices are perfectly stacked in neat pyramids. Learn the secrets of Moroccan food with a cookery class with a local family where you can sample your creation and finish with a refreshing mint tea.
The medinas come to life at night, with colourful lanterns illuminating the way. Watch the storytellers gather in Marrakech’s Jmaa El Fna Square as they share their legendary tales to the next generation as musicians and magicians entertain the crowds.
Away from the bustling medinas, the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert offer peace and tranquility where you can join a camel caravan into the dunes before retiring to your Bedouin tent. In contrast, the High Atlas Mountains provide excellent hiking opportunities visiting Berber villages along the way. Adventure seekers can enjoy the thrill of desert dune buggy rides, squeeze through Marrakech’s narrow streets in a sidecar or gallop on horseback through the dunes and waves at Essaouira.
Most guests prefer to stay in a traditional riad where the fragrance of oranges and jasmine fill the air of the ornately tiled courtyards. No visit to Morocco would be complete without some pampering in a traditional hammam where ancient therapies will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Morocco Highlights

During this tour of Morocco, you’ll get to experience the thrill of driving a dune buggy through the Agafay Desert, take to the skies in a hot air balloon, splash through the Atlantic waves on horseback and zip through the alleyways of Marrakech by sidecar. Along the way you’ll discover the secrets of Moroccan cooking, delve into the history of Marrakech and explore Essaouira’s art and music scene.

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13 nights/14 days

Sea to Sahara: A Moroccan Journey

From the labyrinthine alleyways of the ancient Moroccan medinas to the vast remoteness of the Sahara Desert; from the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean to the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains. You’ll get to experience all of this on a journey through the fascinating kingdom of Morocco, staying in traditional riads and luxury boutique hotels along the way.

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15 nights/16 days

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Moroccan Dirham

Flight Time from UK

3hrs 50mins

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Morocco – Climate Guidance

Spring and autumn are some of the best times to visit Morocco, the temperatures aren’t too hot, making it an ideal time for exploring the country’s historical cities and trekking in the Atlas Mountains. The winter months can get chilly, particularly at night in the desert, however the snow-capped mountains of the Atlas Mountains at this time make for some lovely photo opportunities. In August and September, the temperatures in the Sahara can reach 45 degrees Celsius, hence we do not operate tours to the desert during this time.

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