The Seychelles is a spectacular archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands that span over 1,800 kilometres to the east of Africa. With a mix of African, European and Indian influences, the Seychellois are a colourful, welcoming people that have nurtured a vibrant yet tranquil culture.

Pristine white sandy beaches, clear azure waters teeming with exotic marine life combined with towering granite peaks populated with rare endemic flora and fauna makes the Seychelles a destination that can cater for almost every guests’ passion.

From private cruises to uninhabited coral islands to guided hikes along the picturesque trails of Silhouette Island or just simply kicking back and soaking up the sun with a fresh cocktail in hand, your every wish will be granted by this wonderful country.


Constance Ephelia

This wonderful family-friendly property faultlessly blends its spectacular natural surroundings with all the luxurious modern day comforts you would expect. Superb water sports facilities, a fabulous spa and a choice of five restaurants add the important finishing touches to this exceptional retreat.

Denis Private Island

This tiny exclusive island with its immaculate white sandy beaches and stunning endemic flora and fauna, is the epitome of luxurious seclusion. With a heavy focus on sustainability and conservation, this stunning sanctuary is perfect for couples and families to not just relax but to immerse themselves in the unspoilt natural riches of Seychelles’ island life.

Constance Lemuria

Located on the picturesque island of Praslin, Constance Lemuria is the perfect secluded paradise to relax and rejuvenate. Three gorgeous white beaches surrounded by lush vegetation, outstanding luxury amenities and service and an 18-hole championship golf course unite to provide the complete private escape.

Destination – Climate Guidance

Seychelles enjoys a warm tropical climate throughout the year. The average temperature is 27°C which rarely falls below 24°C or rises above 32°C so it’s great beach weather throughout the year. There may be tropical showers at any time of year in Seychelles but the driest months are between May and September and the wettest weather from November to January.

The two main seasons in Seychelles are influenced by the prevailing trade winds.

South east trade winds – May to September – Between May and September steady winds blow from the south east bringing drier weather and lower humidity. Rough seas can affect some beaches on the south western coast of Mahe and there can also be a buildup of seaweed on the western coast of Praslin. It’s not the best time for boat crossings between the islands so you may prefer to fly between the islands instead. The plus point about the south east is that any rain is usually light and does not last long.

North west – November to March – Light winds blow from the north west and most beaches have safe swimming but this is also the wetter season in Seychelles, particularly December and January. Despite the fact that Seychellois sometimes call this time of year the “north west monsoon” these are not like rains during the monsoon in India or Asia. In Seychelles showers tend to last only a few hours rather than days. In addition, Seychelles lies outside the cyclone belt that affects the southern Indian Ocean in February and March.

Changeover months – October and April – The changeover months between the two prevailing winds when sea conditions tend to be calm and winds are usually light.

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