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Where colonial meets contemporary

Visit the mystic Andes Mountains and the steamy jungles and rolling plains of the Amazon basin. Visit a local tribe and marvel at the golden hordes of their ancient ancestors. Experience coffee cultivation in the mountain foothills and see pink dolphins in their natural environment.

Costa Rica

The many faces of paradise

Explore the jungle interior teeming with extraordinary plants and animals and visit the mighty Arenal volcano. One of the most ecologically pristine places in the world, Costa Rica has incredible natural beauty from the warmth of hot natural springs to treetop walks and idyllic beaches.

Southern Africa

A land of astonishing diversity

See the great big five in their natural environment, marvel at the grandeur of Victoria Falls and swim with seals. Explore Cape Town and Johannesburg uncover the true history of the battle against apartheid. Climb atop Table Mountain and savour the wines for which South Africa is famous.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Fascinating history & captivating landscapes

From the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat to the youthful vibrancy of Southeast Asia’s cities, your senses will be bombarded throughout your visit to Vietnam and Cambodia. Take a cruise through the tropical islands and meet the people and the animals unique to these otherworldly places.


The land that time forgot

This unique island is a whole world of life and landscapes which will change your view of our planet forever. Come to see lemurs in the wild in all their different sizes, colours, habits and habitats. Stay in luxurious tented camps in the heart of the forest and explore the near impenetrable limestone world of the Tsingys. See the giant baobabs at sunset and discover the ancient cave tombs of the ancestor-worshipping Malagasy.

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