and Values

Avventura Knowledge

Avventura is a travel business with a new way of looking at things, but with knowledge and experience at the heart of everything we do. You’re unlikely to find the itinerary for your Avventura adventure anywhere else. That’s because each of our tours is meticulously planned and compiled to be unique. Our destinations and activities are carefully selected by seasoned professionals with expert knowledge; an expertise that allows us to find those places, those hidden gems, those unique experiences and adventures.

Avventura Quality

Avventura is committed to delivering perfectly every step of the way.

We use hand-picked private concierges; people who know the story behind the story. Their unrivalled local knowledge is matched only by their sensitivity to your needs. They will be there when you need them and will equally give you the time and space to take in your extraordinary surroundings for yourself.

From your initial enquiry to returning home, Avventura will be with you every step of the way. We have an unswerving commitment to the highest service standards to ensure you enjoy your perfect adventure.

Avventura Ethics

At Avventura, we are committed to sustainable travel.

We will make sure your carbon footprint is as light as possible and operate in a manner that protects the ecologies and societies we visit. We believe sustainable tourism is vital to protect our fragile world. Our experiences have been crafted in harmony with our ethics, ensuring that when you return home you do so with confidence that you are leaving the countries you visited just as beautiful as when you arrived. By spending your money in these precious destinations, you help provide the means for local people to preserve them.

That’s the Avventura commitment.

Avventura Value

We want you to have the kind of experience we’d choose for ourselves, and that starts with clarity on pricing. That’s why we refuse to add any nasty little hidden extras to your bill. There’s one price to pay. It’s transparent. It’s clearly stated.

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