Lying five hundred miles to the east of Madagascar, Mauritius is a charming tropical volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs that teem with spectacular marine life. Its miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches and clear picture-postcard waters makes it a haven for sun lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. Inland is just as spectacular with savannah-style plains, ancient forests and, in the south-west, the Black River Gorge National Park, home to some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna.

With European, African, Indian and Chinese influences, Mauritius is a cultural smorgasbord with traditions, cuisine and music blending elements of others to create something truly unique. Add in the wonderfully welcoming Mauritians and a dream escape awaits.


Constance Prince Maurice

Designed by Jean Marc Eynaud and David Edwards, Constance Prince Maurice is a delightful property that blends style and sophistication sympathetically with the natural stage of this beautiful island. Equally suitable for couples and families, this secluded retreat boasts fine cuisine, excellent sports and leisure facilities and a superb multi-treatment spa.

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7 nights from £2,990 per person

Oberoi Beach Resort

Tucked away amid lush tropical gardens, the Oberoi Beach Resort has all the panache and exclusivity you would associate with this iconic brand. Thoughtful design meets exceptional service at this wonderfully welcoming retreat catering for guests seeking to relax, recuperate and reset.

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7 nights from £3,590 per person

Heritage Le Telfair

Situated in the Domaine de Bel Ombre on the southern coast of Mauritius, Heritage Le Telfair offers guests all the luxury amenities and activities you would expect; delivered with a nod to the location’s colonial legacy. Sumptuous cuisine, excellent leisure activities, a multi-treatment spa and an exceptional level of service awaits.

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7 nights from £2,650 per person

Destination – Climate Guidance

Mauritius has a mild tropical climate with a dry winter (May to October) and a wet summer (November to April). Temperatures in the summer months can reach 30⁰C but the island is a true year round destination with winter temperatures at their lowest averaging 21⁰C during July and August. Even during the winter months sunshine averages approximately 7 hours per day. Rainfall is highest during January and February but often takes the form of short heavy downpours before returning to bright sunshine.

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