Avventura Travels and Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a nice to-have in travelling, it is an essential.

It is essential because you, our clients, rightly demand it. You want to know you’re doing no harm to the places and people you visit and are preferably doing some good. As a business we would be both irresponsible and foolish not to do everything we can to deliver on that aspiration.

It is essential because sustainability is a clear moral imperative. As a company and as individuals to ignore the environmental and societal threats facing our world would be to abandon the levels of civilised behaviour we expect from us all.

A commitment to sustainability is an easy one to make, but here is what we are actually doing about it. Sustainability for Avventura Travels falls under four main headings:

  • Protecting and nurturing the environment, wildlife and ecology
  • Adopting sustainable and ethical practices in our business
  • Sharing first-hand with clients the sustainability and conservation projects in our chosen destinations
  • Reinvesting in local communities; be that education, health, safety or simply protecting the continued viability of their culture and traditions.

As seasoned travellers, we have seen for ourselves in many corners of the world how the landscape has changed; how some destinations have been threatened by over-exposure in the absence of appropriate care and safeguards. This has informed our views on the importance of biodiversity and sustainability so that we seek out local accommodation and activity partners that are actively reinvesting in their countries. Once these wonderful places and experiences are damaged, they are gone forever.

Many of the guides you will meet on your trip with Avventura are genuine experts in their field; people who have spent their lives studying and cherishing the many amazing things they will share with you. For example, when we visit the majestic Arenal volcano in Costa Rica we do so in the company of Professor Gino Gonzalez, a celebrated volcanologist and one of the leading experts on the area. Similarly, if you snorkel with the seals of Seal Island near Cape Town, our partners organising the excursion are involved in various research projects and seal welfare initiatives. Your presence, far from being detrimental to local wildlife may even help us to better understand their needs.

We work with other businesses with the most impressive credentials. For example our key partner in Costa Rica has been awarded the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, known as CST-TO, Level 5 – the highest recommendation granted by the Costa Rica Tourism Board. They recruit and train local people and source their supplies and services locally. In Vietnam and Cambodia, our partners are committed to a number of significant regional campaigns including the protection of local children and the welfare of elephants. They ensure that the destinations you will visit with Avventura Travels are all certified by Travelife, the tourism industry’s leading body promoting sustainable travel. When we select luxury hotels and camps we do so, not just determined that you will be amazed by their beauty and comfort, but also because they’re doing the right thing. For example, Mandrare River Camp in Madagascar is a sumptuous location but it’s also fully solar powered meaning your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

There’s always more that we can do and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Our commitment to you is not just to show you some of the most incredible, most beautiful, most unforgettable places, but to do so in a way in which we, and as importantly, you, can be proud.

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